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Alternatives to the traditional dining experience are popping up all over Los Angeles.

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Taste of Sunrise

Chef Christina demos her award-winning Spanakopita for Crown City Network’s Taste of Sunrise.


EatWith Blog

The big fat Greek feast that’s taking over Hollywood
Baklava cupcakes and beyond, by LA host Christina Xenos. You read that right: baklava cupcakes. After a series of sold-out EatWith dinners, Christina has perfected her recipe, and is constantly adding new exciting dishes to her spreads.

Couch Potato Cook

I got treated to an amazing EatWith Lunch hosted by Christina Xenos in Hollywood. EatWith is a super cool concept that lets you have unique communal dining experiences all over the world with different hosts!

Huffington Post

Christina Xenos, of Greek extraction, took the third place ribbon in the KCRW Good Food Pie Contest for her savory “Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie.” She cut hers into multiple squares. Here’s the recipe on the HuffPo.

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