Greek Green Beans Braised with Tomatoes and Onions — Fasolakia Giaxni

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Greek Green Beans (Fasolakia Giaxni) is a simple, satisfying dish

Greek Green Beans Braised with Tomatoes and Onions — Fasolakia Giaxni — is a simple dish that packs a satisfying punch. It’s traditionally made from braising beans with tomato, onions and olive oil. I found these flat broad Romano beans at the market this week, which was exciting, since they’re not always available. Regular green beans work as well.⁣⁣

Greek Green Beans Recipe inspiration

⁣⁣I’m basing this recipe off a spectacular version of it that I ate seaside in Crete this summer. My husband Alex and I were spending a lazy day rocking in the hammocks at Diaskari Beach on the southeastern coast of Crete. There happened to be a taverna of the same name that served a handful of incredible local dishes. Our lunch included dakos (barley rusks) topped with tomato and mizithra cheese, marinated anchovies, fava (yellow split pea spread), and these sweet tender beans braised in tomato and onions.

diaskari beach crete
Dining on Fasolakia Giaxni at Diaskari Beach Taverna in Crete.

Greek Green Beans is one of the most traditional recipes all around the country. While the dish traditionally calls for the addition of potatoes (great for mashing into the sauce to soak it up), I threw some chickpeas into the mix instead for a little more protein. And because they’re one of my favorite ingredients overall.

Adding finishing touches

This recipe is a perfect vegan main dish, but can also benefit from a few crumbles of creamy feta to finish it off. Feel free to be creative with the herbs you add to it as well. Parsley adds some freshness, and fresh or dried dill will also add some depth of flavor. It’s all about cooking the dish to your taste. Have some bread on hand to soak up the sauce too!


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