Postpartum Personal Chef Los Angeles

Postpartum Personal Chef Meal Service in Los Angeles

While it’s natural for new moms to want to lose baby weight after giving birth, getting the right nutrients to support her and baby is paramount — especially if she chooses to breastfeed. That’s where a postpartum personal chef can help.

Did you know that no matter what mom eats, the nutritional quality of her breastmilk stays the same, but if she’s not eating nutritional foods, then her body will tap her own stores to make up for the discrepancy? That can leave mom feeling low energy and depleted, hardly how she wants to feel with a new little one to take care of.

Postpartum personal chef service details

As a postpartum chef service in Los Angeles, helping families during that delicate time — the first 8 to 12 weeks after birth — is one of our specialities. We’ve even had past clients say that the foods we’ve cooked for them helped them heel faster than what their doctors initially predicted. Sweet Greek Personal Chef Services works with families to design menus that offer the right nutrients to keep everyone healthy, and make sure foods are easily digestible, which is paramount in the first few weeks after giving brith. Ingredients like low mercury fish, lean beef, low-fat dairy products, leafy greens, and whole grains can help the development of baby’s nervous system and bones, alleviate postpartum depression, and keep overall energy levels high.

It’s also not uncommon for baby to have sensitivities in their first few weeks of life. We help our families by designing and cooking menus that are tolerable for breastfeeding babies.

Are you in the process of creating a postpartum plan? Let us help you in your journey by taking the time to plan and cooks meals for you that will be at the ready for when you and your family are hungry.

What our Postpartum Chef Service includes

Our Postpartum Chef Service includes a free consultation, where you express your food preferences, dietary specifications and goals, we will:

  • Plan a custom menu for your approval.
  • Shop for fresh high-quality ingredients from local markets and specialty stores.
  • Cook your dishes in your home.
  • Package and label each dish with detailed reheating and serving instructions.
  • Clean up. You will be able to enjoy a spotless kitchen and a week’s worth of meals.

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