Cinnamon Raisin Star Bread Recipe

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Star Bread is a show-stopping centerpiece for any table

Star Bread! Have you heard of it? I hadn’t. But when I started collaborating with my friend Emily on our upcoming saffron recipe project, she suggested that I create a recipe for it. This made me fly high into the Star Bread galaxy, which is vast and delicious I might add.

What is Star Bread

At it’s most basic, this bread is a delicious solution when you want to make a pull-apart bread, but elevate it to the next level. Its star shape has three layers and eight points. And you stuff each layer with a sweet or savory filling. It is perfect for the holidays or if you just need a show stopping centerpiece for your table. When I cook brunches for my Los Angeles personal chef clients, I always ask them if they want one on their buffet.

Versatile dough and filling

You can play around with the dough and the fillings. For our saffron recipe project, I infused the dough with saffron. For this recipe, I created a dough enriched with butter, eggs, vanilla, and a bit of sugar. The filling is an aromatic blend of spices, raisins, and sugar. This is where you can let your creativity shine and adapt the recipe to incorporate some of your favorite ingredients. If you wanted something more savory, you could play around with a more basic dough, and stuff it with cheese, herbs, or even pesto.

Shaping your bread

The technique for creating the layers and points of your Star Bread may seem intimidating at first. But you’ll get a feel for it quickly. You start by rolling out one of your dough balls on a piece of parchment paper into a 10-inch circle, and fill it. Then on another piece of parchment, roll out your second dough ball into a 10-inch circle. Using the parchment, you lay that dough circle over the first one, lining them up as closely as possible. This doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect because you’ll trim it once you’re finished, but it should be close. Then you repeat until the top layer. 


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