Mediterranean Salmon Baked In Parchment (En Papillote)

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Dazzle your dinner guests with this Mediterranean salmon baked in parchment.

Sunday is our market day in Los Angeles, and the inspiration for this Mediterranean salmon baked in parchment recipe. Strolling to the farmers market on Sundays is my incentive to wake up a littler earlier in anticipation of what the week’s harvest will bring. Right now, summer is swinging into high gear and all the farmers tents are stocked with plenty of squash, heirloom tomatoes, stone fruits, and eggplants are just beginning to arrive. It’s my favorite time of year with so much available.

Additionally, we’re lucky to have a spectacular fish monger there every week. I love visiting West Coast Seafood to pick up something fresh and delicious to have for dinner on Sunday nights. It can range from black cod, to sea trout, to king salmon, whole branzino, and barbounia.

En papillote is easier than you think

I’m using this Sunday inspiration for this classic en papillote recipe. And if that sounds fancy, it’s really not. It just means cooked in a paper wrapper. I’m using unbleached parchment paper for the wrapping. And I’m making a relish/sauce with classic Greek ingredients like tomatoes, capers, olives, fennel, lemon, and garlic. Cooking everything together in the packet lets all those beautiful flavors combine into a flavorful cohesive dish. It’s a recipe that I love making my Los Angeles personal chef clients, either for weekly meal prep, or more formal dinner party catering.

Variations on the recipe

For this recipe, I’m using salmon since it’s easy to find pretty much anywhere. Additionally, the recipe will work with many different kinds of fish. Try it with halibut, sea trout, Arctic char, and even sea bass. In Opa! The Healthy Greek Cookbook, I have a similar recipe using halibut. Just adjust your cooking time for how thick your fish fillets are.


*** Recipe note: I’ve updated the cooking time and temperature since making the cooking video. Either will work, but I’ve found better results cooking the salmon at 425F for 14 minutes.


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  1. I made this recipe last night and was absolutely blown away by the zinginess! I left some out for someone who wouldn’t be home until after I’d gone to bed and they left me a note (!) to say it was one of the nicest things they’d EVER eaten. Thanks!

    1. Christina Xenos Author says:

      So happy you liked it!

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