Baked Feta with Persimmons (Persimmon Bouyiourdi)

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Embrace fall fruit with this incredible easy-to-make Baked Feta with Persimmons appetizer.

It’s definitely feeling like fall here in Los Angeles, and I’ve been fully embracing the season. Right now, our farmers markets are brimming with savory squashes, greens of all kinds, apples, pears, and persimmons.

Persimmons are becoming more available across the U.S., but varietals of the fruit (native to Asia) have been growing in California for quite awhile. I keep an eye on the trees in my neighborhood for fallen strays and also pick them up at the markets. This fall fruit is shines in this recipe that would be the perfect addition to your fall dinner party, or Thanksgiving spread.

What type of persimmons should I cook with?

You most commonly find two kinds of persimmons domestically: the Fuyu and Hachiya. Smaller and squat fuyus, like the ones I’m using in this recipe, are my favorite to work with because they have fewer tannins. Their subtle sweetness make them a perfect player with stronger flavors like briny feta, or Greek yogurt and honey for breakfast. You also don’t have to wait for them to get soft and gooey like the Hachiyas. Their firmer texture also lends them to be the perfect addition to salads and other savory dishes like this one here.


This recipe is basically a fall version of Bouyiourdi (Μπουγιουρντί) — Greek baked feta with tomatoes and bell peppers. Even though fresh tomatoes are available all year round, doesn’t mean they’re the best to use in the off season. Embracing seasonal fruit like persimmons makes your cooking shine.

Other ingredients

I used Petimezi for a little more depth and acidity. You may know it by it’s Italian name: Saba, or just as grape molasses. If you don’t have that on hand, a good quality balsamic vinegar would be perfect. Be generous with your use of olive oil here. It’s so lovely to sop up the feta with it and the petimezi/balsamic with the persimmon on top. You will love that flavor combination.

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