Mushroom Toast

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Move over avocado, this Mushroom Toast recipe is all you need.

It seems like avocado toast gets all the glory, but in my heart a rich, rustic, mushroom toast ranks no. 1. And it’s surprisingly easy to make with this recipe. Enjoy it any time of day: breakfast, lunch, brunch, second breakfast, etc. You will thank me.

What type of mushroom is good for mushroom toast?

For this mushroom toast recipe I’m using Hokto Kinoko Brown Beech (Bunashimeji) mushrooms. However, you could use any mushroom that you prefer. Although ones with more flavor will pack a bigger punch. I love these particular mushrooms because of their nutty flavor and toothy texture. And you don’t have to clean them because Hokto Kinoko grows them in a clean indoor environment. They’re also 100% organic.

Cooking tips

Everything cooks up very quickly, so make sure to have all your ingredients ready to go. Start your garlic and shallots in a cold pan and let them gradually start cooking. Once they start sizzling, sauté them for 3 minutes, unless they start browning sooner. If that happens then add in the mushrooms to bring down the temperature of the pan, so they don’t burn.

Other ingredients

I’m using Greek yogurt to bring a creaminess and pop of acidity to this dish. If you don’t have that on hand, any plain yogurt would probably do. You could also use creme fraîche. I also didn’t add it here, but a little parmesan at the end would be lovely, brining out the natural umami of the mushrooms.

Finally, I recommend crowning your mushroom toast with a sunny-side-up egg. Or any egg that you prefer, really. This add protein and richness to the toast, and who can really pass up an egg?

How do you like to enjoy your mushrooms? Let me know in the comments.


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