Shrimp Santorini, Baked Shrimp with Tomato and Feta Cheese

The Greek Island of Santorini is eponymous with picturesque sunsets, iconic whitewashed buildings and minerally Assyrtiko wine. All of these are the perfect accompaniment to Shrimp Santorini — a sizzling dish of sautéed tomatoes, plump shrimp and rich feta cheese. The first time I had this dish, I was lucky enough to be sitting on a restaurant patio in the island’s capital city of Fira. The sun had just fallen beneath the caldera and the sky was full of orange and pink hues, much like the dish in front of me.

While nothing tastes like the tomatoes in Greece, pick up some of your favorite at a local farmers market during the summer. You can also make Shrimp Santorini in the off season using organic full-size tomatoes that you grate into a bowl, or cherry tomatoes (heirlooms are the best, if you can find them) cut in half. The rest of the dish is easy to put together. So easy in fact that I don’t boast to my weekly personal chef clients how turn-key it is to make because I want them to fully appreciate the levels of flavors and how beautiful the marinated shrimp are against the savory heirloom tomatoes and tangy feta.



Shrimp Santorini — Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese
Serves 4
A sizzling dish of shrimp, tomatoes and feta cheese.
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
35 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
35 min
  1. 1 Onion, chopped
  2. 4 Garlic cloves, minced
  3. 2 lb. Tomatoes***
  4. 1 lb. Shrimp, cleaned, peeled and deveined
  5. 6 oz. Feta cheese
  6. ½ tsp. Red pepper flakes, crushed
  7. ½ tsp. Oregano, dried
  8. 3 tbs. Parsley, chopped
  9. Extra virgin olive oil
  10. Salt & Pepper
  11. Kalamata oives (optional)
  1. Prepare shrimp by putting them into a mixing bowl with 1 tbs. olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss shrimp to coat.
  2. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
  3. Put 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a medium skillet and turn on heat to medium. Add onion and a little salt and sweat until translucent. Add garlic and pepper. Stir until soft, a few minutes. Add tomatoes, oregano and red pepper flakes and sauté for 10 minutes.
  4. Turn out tomato mixture into a 9 x13 baking dish.
  5. Arrange shrimp over tomato mixture in one layer. Crumble cheese over surface.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until shrimp are a medium pinkish color and cheese is a bit browned. Don’t overcook the shrimp. Remove from oven, garnish with fresh parsley.
  1. *** You have many options when it comes to tomatoes. Either grate full size tomatoes into a bowl. You can also use cherry tomatoes cut in half. If you don't have fresh tomatoes available, try a 28 oz. can of good quality tomatoes. Try to get fresh tomatoes at your local farmers market when they are in season, or buy organic tomatoes at your supermarket.
  2. Serve with crusty bread for dipping, or over rice or orzo as a main dish.
  3. You can also add Kalamata olives to the mix with the shrimp, prior to baking. A handful should be fine.
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  1. Wonderful recipe! Very simple and tasty!!

    1. Christina Xenos Author says:

      Thank you!

  2. This is a wonderful recipe!! Filled with flavor and the kitchen smells so good whilst the onion garlic coos. So quick and easy. Everyone I’ve served this to has asked for this recipe and made it for others with rave reviews. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Christina Xenos Author says:

      SO happy you like the recipe, Vicki! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone too.

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