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This Simple Cauliflower Soup Recipe Will Have You Eating in No Time

This creamy satisfying cauliflower soup recipe is healthy, low carb, and super easy for anyone to make. And that’s good, because I personally crave it… All time time! Here’s the thing: I grew up cooking potato soup for my family almost weekly, but now that we know more about how white starches aren’t the best for our bodies and glycemic index. Subbing cauliflower for potato not only makes this soup so much healthier, it also is so much more flavorful. I often have a tupperware of it in my refrigerator at the ready for a quick lunch, or casual dinner. If my week changes and I have to eat meals out, it freezes beautifully as well. So many of my personal chef clients are looking for healthy low-carb solutions that taste good and fill them up. This is definitely one of those options, which is below 10 net carbs per serving.


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Cauliflower Soup Recipe Variations

I love strolling my local farmers market for variations of the most common white cauliflower. I’ve made a completely purple version of this soup with purple cauliflower and purple carrots. The deep purple color makes the cauliflower higher in antioxidants as well. You can also make this soup with orange cauliflower, or even green broccoflower, or broccoli. Make this soup your own by experimenting with the type of cheese you use. Sharp cheddar works really well, and a good Gruyere is super decadent. I love the shredded Mexican cheese blend at Trader Joe’s in a pinch. If you had a smoked gouda it would elevate this soup to a whole other level. Just make sure to shred any cheese that you’re going to use.

cheesy cauliflower soup recipe
Indulge with this super easy cauliflower soup recipe.

Garnish for the Cauliflower Soup

The soup is also a blank canvas for whatever you are inspired to garnish it with. Check your refrigerator and see what herbs you might have — chives and a few fresh thyme leaves are perfect — or scour your jars of condiments. I especially love Calabrian chilis. If you’re a hot sauce addict like me, that would also be perfect. If you like a little more texture for your soup, reserve a handful of the smaller cauliflower florets, toss them with olive oil and a little salt and roast them at 400 degrees until they get some color. They make a fantastic garnish. 

Make It a Vegan Cauliflower Soup

I have so many personal chef clients with dietary restrictions and food allergies. This soup is also a staple for them. You can easily make it vegan by omitted the cheese, replacing the chicken broth with vegetable broth, and using an alternative milk. You can even bump up the amount of carrots, celery, onion, and garlic for extra flavor.  Did you make this soup? Let me know your variations in the comments!


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